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Xamarin Forms + C# > Cordova + Javascript + Angular + Ionic + a metric ton of plugins

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We’re currently writing a multi-platform app for one of our clients using Xamarin Forms. Although it’s clearly a brand-new product, I’m quite pleased with it. I already had a good amount of experience with XAML from my days with WPF and Silverlight, which had it’s plusses and minuses; there are a few features I miss a lot (styling, generic.xaml, behaviors) and I often get tripped up by muscle memory when typing element/attribute names, so I’m often looking at Forms and saying “why can’t you be more like your cousin? *He* didn’t make me write duplicated styling code in each view…” On the other hand, they did a great job supporting binding of data/commands, so the MVVM pattern works very well (but not flawlessly. I’m looking at you, Picker…)

My team has written a few PhoneGap/Cordova apps, and while it was neat, it had it’s moments of suck: limited local storage, a disconnect between native UI & Web controls, teaching devs how to write good JavaScript, and difficulty debugging. Now that I’ve wallowed in Forms for a while, I’m never, ever going back.

Forms v1 was an awesome start; here’s looking forward to v2!


Written by Andy Hopper

August 5, 2014 at 8:25 pm

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